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Last Day of Term - Wednesday 20 July 1pm close

Welcome to Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage)

The EYFS Staff

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) staff support the children as they embark on their learning journey through our school.


 The EYFS team consists of: Mrs Martin, Miss Evans and Mrs Izatt, the Teachers and Mrs Collinson, Mrs Sparey, Mrs Brown, Mrs Aravindan and Miss Moth, the Teaching Assistants.


Supporting your child at home

This term the children will continue to recognise digraphs* and trigraphs* within words and use these when writing too! It is important that the children also practise their sounds at home, at least five times a week, so that they learn all the sounds with quick recall. Recognising the sound that each letter makes supports your child in being able to blend sounds together to read words. There is further information about blending for reading in the front of your child’s reading record.

Your child’s reading scheme book will be changed when they read to the teacher/teaching assistant and show that they have a good understanding of what they have read. Each book needs to be read several times – this allows your child to develop a good understanding of the story as well as other reading skills. Each reading session can have a different focus, for example;

First read – talking about the pictures in the story and discussing what the book could be about;

Second read - basic understanding of events and developing prediction skills;

Third read – retelling the story in own words and discussing book terms (author, illustrator, publisher, blurb and if the book is a non-fiction book, contents page);

Fourth read – discussing whether your child has experienced the events in the story and exploring how the ending could be different, e.g. what would needed to have been different in the story to make it a happy/sad story?

The red bookmarks issued at the start of the school year also have some pointers to support you and your child in developing his/her early reading skills.

Your child could also focus on recalling the spellings of high-frequency words from memory.

Young children also need as many daily stories as an adult is able to read from a book, recall from their own childhood or even make up! This helps children to develop their listening skills and build an understanding of story structure. In addition, it fosters their imagination, as well as being an enjoyable experience!

* digraph: two letters together that make one sound, such as ‘ai’ in the word ‘rain’.

trigraph: three letters together that make one sound, such as ‘air’ in the word ‘fair’.

EYFS Curriculum

For more information please click on the The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum  

WOW vouchers

We hope that you will share your child’s achievements with us. These achievements should be independent and be things that have made you think, “WOW, I did not know you could do that!” 
It could be that you have noticed that your child has mastered a new skill, e.g. riding a bike without stabilizers, recognising numbers, or writing their name with the correct letter formation. Or it may be that you have noticed that your child has developed confidence or become more independent in something.
Once completed, please send the WOW voucher into school so that we can celebrate the achievement in a Friday celebration assembly and also put it on display. A new voucher can be collected from each classroom.  Alternatively, a WOW voucher for RVM (Mrs Martin) or RAE (Miss Evans) can be downloaded by clicking on the name of your child’s class.