St. Peter's Catholic Primary School Following in Jesus' footsteps, we live, love and learn together as a school family to build a better world.
Last Day of Term - Wednesday 20 July 1pm close

Meet The Staff

We are a big team here at St Peter’s and we would like to share with you who we are and where we work.

Head Teacher

Mrs Baron

Secretarial Team

Mrs Harris (Admissions)

Mrs Ballard (Attendance)

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Young

Site Manager

Mr Sysum

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Young (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs Gill (SBM)

Mrs Osborne-Jones (Inclusion Manager)

Mrs MacDonald (2KM)

Mrs Desando (DSL)

Miss Evans (RAE)

Miss Martin (RVM)

Cleaning Team

Mrs Johnson

Mrs Gardener

Mrs Hankins

Mrs Topping

Mrs Khalifa

Mrs Anthonypilai


School Business Manager

Mrs Gill

Play Team Co-ordinator

Mrs Whitehead

Pastoral Leader

Mrs Desando

Play Team

Mrs Aravindan

Mrs Brown

Mrs Collinson

Mrs Cripps 

Miss Ellis

Mrs Fletcher

Mrs Hensley

Mrs James

Mrs Mandhare

Miss Moth

Mrs Parsons

Mrs Sparey

Mrs Turley 

Mrs Whitelock 

Designated Safeguarding Leader (DSL)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader (DDSL)

Mrs Desando/Mrs Baron


Mrs Young/Mrs Osborne-Jones

Inclusion Manager

Responsible for Special Education Needs and Disabilities, EAL and Pupil Premium

Mrs Osborne-Jones


Mrs Moore

Mrs Collinson

Mrs Sparey 

Mrs Mulla 

School Librarian

Mrs O'Kane

Forest School Leader

Mrs Sysum

Website Administrator

Mrs Sparey

EYFS Leader


Reception Teachers

Miss Evans and Mrs Martin


Mrs Martin (RVM)

Miss Evans (RAE)

PPA RVM - Mrs Collinson/Mrs Sparey 

PPA RAE – Mrs Izatt/Mrs Mulla

Reception TAs

Mrs Collinson

Mrs Sparey

Mrs Aravindan

Mrs Brown

Miss Moth 


KS1 Leader (Y1&Y2)

Year 1 Teachers

Mrs MacDonald

Miss Mitchell (1BM)

Miss Fletcher (1AF)

PPA 1BM - Mrs Morris 

PPA 1AF - Mrs Sellers 

Year 1 TAs

Mrs Cripps

Miss Moth 

Miss Moore 

Year 2 Teachers

Mrs MacDonald (2KM) 

Mrs Walls  (2ZW)

PPA 2KM – Mrs Sellers

PPA 2ZW – Mrs Daniell

Year 2 TAs

Mrs Fletcher 


KS2 Leader (Y3-Y6)


Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Young 


Mrs Pollard (3SP)

Mrs Colloby (3MC)

PPA 3SP – Mrs Daniell

PPA 3MC – Mrs Morris 

Year 3/4 TAs

Miss Andrews

Mrs Parsons

Mr Thoresson 

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Carr (4HC)

Mrs Perez (4LP)

PPA 4HC – Mrs Sellers

PPA 4LP – Mrs McGuinness

Year 5 Teachers

Mr Dowling (5MD)

Mrs Davis/Mrs Lowe (5DL)

PPA 5MD – Mrs Sellers

PPA 5DL – Mrs Davis/Mrs Lowe 

Year 5/6 TAs

Mrs Davidson

Mrs Hensley 

Mrs Moore 

Mrs Mulla 

Mrs Turley

Mrs Whitelock 


Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Young/Mrs Williams (6YW)

Mrs Jackson (6CJ)

PPA 6YW – Mrs Daniell

PPA 6CJ – Mrs Morris