St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
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AGM Chair's Report 2015

The PFA is thrilled to be able to end the year on such a high after a record breaking profit made on the Summer Fun day of £3808.14. A huge thank you to the parents/carers of our year 6 pupils who did us all proud whilst running their Apprentice stalls with such a mature attitude. They managed to raise a profit of over £800. It was brilliant to see so many families enjoying the day with us. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank so many of our wonderful school staff who have given their time and support to volunteer at our events this year, it really is appreciated.

This year we have been able to supply each class with a large box of new games for the children to enjoy on wet break times, a new reusable sign for the fun day, a theatre experience, wonderful year books for our year 6 leavers and hi visibility jackets for the children to wear when out on school trips, to mention just a few. We are also open to suggestions for what we should be spending the funds on so please do let us know.

The PFA would like to send its thanks and gratitude to everyone who has helped with any of the PFA events during this last year, in any capacity. Huge thanks to our core PFA members also those who pop up at a number of functions during the school year such as parents evening and end of year production, in order to serve refreshments which is not a particularly big fund raiser but an important part of what the PFA does each year to enhance these events for parents and guests.

Please remember, that the funds you help to raise, helps the school to provide a richer, more exciting and more memorable learning experience for our children. The PFA events also provides us with lots of fun, laughter and happy memories. We look forward to seeing you all in September in the hope of another record breaking fund raising year ahead. The PFA made £185 at the school production so thank you for the support.

Pippa Baker-Walsh PFA Chairperson.