St. Peter's Catholic Primary School Together as a school family, we live, love and learn in Jesus' footsteps
1st September - INSET Day - Staff Only / Start of Term - Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Core Values

Our core value this term will be TRUTHFULNESS. We shine when we tell the truth. We will help the children to understand that it is important that we are truthful with small things so that people will trust us later with bigger, more important things. If you don’t tell the truth, people are not always sure of you and they cannot rely on you.
Telling the truth can sometimes be difficult, for example if we admit we have broken something we should own up and say it was us so that other people do not get into trouble. Telling the truth may be awkward, for example if someone asks you whether something suits them and it does not. In this instance we could choose our words carefully so we tell the truth but don’t hurt the person’s feelings. Telling the truth can also make you different from other people, for example you may pretend to follow the same football team or like the same music just to be like everyone else but this is not being truthful to your beliefs.
God knows that it is difficult to be truthful all the time, but if we ask Him through prayer He will help us.
A certificate has been sent home or click here to access a copy. Please return the certificate to show when your child displays the core value of TRUTHFULNESS whilst at home. These will be celebrated during our Tuesday acts of worship