St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
Finish for half term Friday 24 May - normal finish time.

Core Values

Our Core Value this term is SERVICE – we shine when we use our talents to help others. Our acts of worship will help the children to:

  • Understand that small actions can make a huge difference to others, e.g. smiling at someone who is new to the school makes them feel at ease, picking up coats off the floor keeps the cloakroom tidy, and turning off lights when they are not needed makes a big difference to the planet;
  • Consider how they serve people in their home and school communities;
  • Reflect whether they show their appreciation and gratitude to those who serve them;
  • Learn about people in history, such as Nelson Mandela and Ghandi, who spoke up on behalf of their people;
  • Know that the Queen recognises people who have made a special contribution to others through their work in the community by awarding them OBE, MBE or CBE medals;
  • Recognise that Christians believe that their calling is to follow Jesus’ example according to their gifts or abilities. They believe that through serving God in others, “perfect freedom” will ultimately be found.

A certificate has been sent home or click here to access a copy. Please return the certificate to show when your child displays the core value of SERVICE whilst at home. These will be celebrated during our Tuesday acts of worship.

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