St. Peter's Catholic Primary School
KERALA FLOODING – APPEAL FOR HELP - Nappies, baby clothes, sheets, children's clothes or money donations - Collection Point - St Peter's Social Club 7pm onwards - See below for further details

OPAL - Outdoor Play and Learning

As you know, we have been very excited about OPAL (Outside play and learning) and it is now well under way! 


It is essential that all children are kitted out with waterproof coats and wellingtons (clearly named) to stay in school every day so that the children can access all areas in all weather and get the most out of their OPAL experience.


As many of the zones are muddy there is a strong possibility of clothing getting wet and dirty.  Waterproof trousers and/or a change of clothes are highly recommended to protect their school clothes.


(clearly named)


(clearly named)

Waterproof Coat

Waterproof Trousers


Change of clothes


Hats and gloves (at your discretion)

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