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Eco Council

Eco-Council Update

September and October saw new Eco Council members elected and presented with their badges in our Celebration Assembly. Members from each class were excited to start their new roles and make a difference to the environment in our school and in the wider world.  
At our first meeting we discussed the different areas of the environment that we are concerned about. As many members were concerned about litter, we arranged our first litter picking session for the very next lunch time. After the litter pick we examined what was collected and noticed that the main material being dropped is plastic (crisp packets, cling film etc.).  
Using this evidence, the Eco Council decided on a plan to not only reduce the amount of litter being dropped but to reduce the amount of single use plastics being used in the first instance, as well as setting up recycling for this type of material.  
Over the next term the Eco Council will be speaking to their classes about the effect of single use plastics on the environment, sharing tips to reduce the use of single use plastics, and setting up recycling points for pupils to use during break and lunch times.  
Looking to the year ahead, the Eco Council will examine other areas of our school environment and take action to make improvements wherever possible.